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Monday, August 15th, 2005
9:02 am
Customers that are overall good!
Even though I wouldn't define some customers at regularly 'great' there are some that callers thats are wonderful to hear from. I have an interesting gentleman that calls on semi-regular basis, he has a charming eastern? accent, though some might say he can be difficult to understand.
Everytime he calls though he is to the point and very friendly about it, he seems geneuinely happy that I am here for him, he even softly chuckles as we speak. It makes me feel good when I get those type of calls.

So any other folks fit in those categories for other members?

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
5:32 pm
I keep my faith in humanity because of this one...
I work at Subway. I like most of our customers, but of all the good customers I've ever had, this woman just wins.

So she comes up to the counter and gives me a nice big smile for my canned greeting. She tells me what she wants, and it's fairly typical: a footlong steak, a footlong chicken, and a 6 in club. I ask her, like we're supposed to, if she'd like the hot subs toasted. She thanks me profusely and says yes. I'm a little confused by her happiness over the option of toasting, but I keep on. She also thanks me very happily for asking if she wanted cheese. This wonderful attitude and general politeness had me practically glowing by the end of her order, and let me tell you she got plenty of extra veggies. After I rang her up, she passed me a dollar. (This is huge, considering we don't normallytake tips and her order was 12 bucks with coupon.) I said, "Thank you, you really don't have to do that," and she responded, "Oh, no. Thank YOU for all your hard work." It made my day. If everyone treated others with that much politeness, generosity, and goodwill, the world would be a much better place.
Monday, July 12th, 2004
6:04 pm
(xposted to customers_suck)

Okay, today I had some customers that really made my day. I've been kinda bummed because my cat was killed yesterday, and these two guys, prolly in their mid to late twenties, came into my store today. The first asked for a latte.

G1: Guy 1 (tall, rather thin)
G2: Guy 2 (shorter then G1, and rather buff)
Me: Barista

G1: could I have a grande latte please?
Me: Of course. Anything else?
G1: Well, why don't you get my son here something?
G2: Aww, thanks dad! *jumps up and down* What should I have?
Me: (laughing)
G2: How about one of those blended cremes?
G1: Oh, that sounds good, son.
G2: Dad, can I get the vanilla blended creme?
G1: You may have whatever you want.
Me: (dying with laughter by this point)
G1: I had him when I was fifteen, you know.
Me: (laughs even harder)
G2: Can I have a venti, dad?
G1: You sure can, son! Get my boy a venti.
Me: (nods and keeps laughing, about to cry from laughing so hard)
G2: (jumping up and down clapping) Gee, dad, you're swell!
G1: Awe, son, you didn't have to say that!
Me: (wiping away tears on my face)

Saturday, June 5th, 2004
10:41 pm
There was this one video store customer that always gave off weird vibes.

Then she started giving us candy on the holidays.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
6:38 pm
Since this hasn't been updated for ages and I had an especially lovely customer on the weekend, I will share...

Customer took ages to come up to the desk.. When he got there he was SO nice! A bit shy, looking around to see if he could find someone to help before asking me to call someone, then when he paid, telling me how much he understands how hard it is for retail employees, and how there are too many rude people out there who give so much crap to the staff and put their anger onto people who don't deserve it [ie onto the employees and not onto the managers where it belongs]. It was just so refreshing to have someone understand, and, what's more, SYMPATHISE with all the woes of retail that we so often complain out in customers_suck.
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
11:21 pm
Opening piece
A woman almost twice my age came through my line early this morning. We started laughing and cutting up...and as she left, she told me that for making her laugh, she loved me. I was glowing, I swear.
Thursday, February 26th, 2004
1:08 pm
She wasn't exactly a great customer, but she made me smile in wonderment for her honesty, and I think she should be remembered in writing in our hallowed livejournal community...

A woman came in to work today with a receipt and a tag off a plant pot or something. She brings it over and I'm expecting something along the lines of "Do you still have these and where are they so I can buy some more?"

Instead, what I hear is "I bought a whole bunch of stuff a little while ago, and we were looking over the receipt and this item is not on here, and so I've just come in to pay for it."

Knock me over with a feather! How many people in the world would do something like that? Most people would keep the thing and feel all smug and stuff that their cashier didn't pick up that they had x or y and be happy they got it for free.

This woman should be put up in some kind of Customer Hall of Fame.
Friday, February 20th, 2004
11:34 pm
Wow... Just, wow
Whenever my husband or I go on plane rides, we bring along flowers for the gate agents/flight attendants/pilots/security/etc. We neither expect nor ask for special treatment (we have even turned down free alcoholic beverages); the flower thing is a long story but it's something we like doing.

On Sunday Andy's Granddad died, so we flew out on bereavement fares. This means that we could only go on flights where the fares were applicable and which had two open seats. The two seats were not necessarily together. On the way out we managed to trade with some sympathetic passengers.

Today we decided to return, and things were not going well. We got the special screening at the security point (we'd literally made the return reservation that day as far as the computer system was concerned); we were almost too late to get on the plane; our seats were not even remotely together; Andy and I were both completely drained from the funeral; and due to a stupid error on my part he had left his book (with proof of our outgoing flights, needed because of my stupid mistake in not having our frequent flier numbers handy when I made the reservation and forgetting to bring them that day) at security.

The wonderful gate agent managed to get to security and get the book before the plane doors closed. I wish we'd seen her nametag, but we were too busy tossing flowers at her and running down the jetway. I'll write a letter later and hope they can track her down given gate and flight information. After the plane took off, one of the flight attendants came over to us and said that a passenger in first class was so charmed by our flower giving that he'd given up two of his first class upgrades for us. Andy and I are in complete awe that someone was so nice just because he saw us doing something nice. I found out which passenger and gave him a flower too.

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
10:52 pm
Great Customer Story
I work in the home electronic's department at Shop-Ko & we sell printers & such. I'm not an expert on them but I do know enough & when customers have questions as to the quality or features of each different printer I go with what's printed on the box or by what I know personally about the product.

Well tonight a couple came in and needed a printer for some very basic features. I proceeded to explain the differences between 2 HP printers. I read the different DPI ratings, & how many pages each could print in a minute & the system requirements of each & so on. They finally decided on one & after the man put it in his cart he turned to me & I asked him the standard "Is there anything else I can help you find or anything else you need?" He tells me that he thinks they are set & proceeds to shake my hand heartily & say "thanks for all your help (insert my name here)" That alone made my night. He not only shook my hand and acknowledged that I was a help but he called me by my name. Granted it was on my name tag but it was still nice. About 15 minutes later I was up at the front registers talking with the cashiers & one of them was like "oh yea there was a couple that came through that told me to tell you how good you were at helping them."

So not only did I get a handshake & a genuine thank you but praise to my other co-workers. I'm on top of the world. I didn't realize I was that good at my job.


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Saturday, January 31st, 2004
12:15 pm
Quick One
I was at a donut shop the other day, and another table had two children. They both needed to go outside for some reason, and as they were running toward the door the mother called them back to wipe their hands so they wouldn't get the handle sticky. I wish all customers would be so considerate.
Friday, January 16th, 2004
12:05 am
Why do you even come here?
This starts off as a customer_sucks story, but ends on a much more positive note.

First off, I work at a video game retailer. We get lots of people through who've bought consoles which, for whatever reason, no longer function. PS2s and Xboxes are incredibly troublesome, for example. I know this because:

1) I own these machines. I've gone through 7 Xboxes myself, and have seen many Xboxes and PS2s through the store by our extended warranty programs.

2) I also happen to keep up on video game news, including information on failure rates.

Anyways, this one guy comes back angry and demands I return a game. I check through his receipts; he originally bought a used Baldur's Gate for the XBox, and has swapped in twice for new ones. It still doesn't work. His argument as to why I should refund it is that the new one we swapped for him was secretly another used one, and that we're in the business of screwing customers.

I gently calm him, and ask him about how it's misbehaving in his machine. I ask him about where he got his Xbox, and try to determine its age ("it has a large controller?"). He has a very old Xbox, and it's started to go, "This is not a valid disc" not just with BG: DA, but also with some rental games. Obviously he has an Xbox with a defective DVD ROM drive. I mention that he should contact Microsoft about it (he won't even tell me where he bought it, leading me to suspect it was stolen -- why else would he want to hide that information?).

The implication that his Xbox might be defective sets him off again. He starts telling me that I don't know anything about video games.

Then the guy in line behind him starts to talk. He's also an Xbox owner, and he's also had dirty-disc problems. He didn't buy an extended warranty on it (because they got it on the GameCube, and naturally never had to use it), so he's learned to live with not playing certain games. I refund the angry guy to get him out of the store, and the friendly fellow says that I shouldn't worry about it if he wasn't willing to listen to reason.

This guy was nice enough to try to talk a shitty customer down, and nice enough to tell me not to sweat the crap customer. This is not the amount of sensitivity you normally get; truly a great customer experience.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
3:34 pm
Alright, this was a bit ago.

I worked at KFC... and it was a slow sunday. This lady comes in with a bunch of little kids (like toddlers) and gets mostly buiscuts and mac&cheese. Fine, we serve her up and she eats in. She took up almost 6 booths with her and the kids.

Long story short...the kids TRASH the lobby...as little kids always do when they eat. I sigh, knowing I'd get to stay late to scrub it up. The lady comes up to the counter and asks for a broom and mop. I blink and told her it was alright, I was being paid for a reason. She was very polite, but insisted she had to clean it up. My manager gave me the go ahead and I gave her the stuff she asked for. Not only did she clean up the floors and table...but she washed the huge windows where the kids had put their grubby little hands had gotten. The lobby was PERFECT, not a crumb anywhere. She brought the stuff back and thanked me...and left. I go out to change the trash and there's a little envelope on the table she had been at with my name on it. I open it and inside was 20 bucks and a note saying 'thanks for the service'. I was shocked, nice mothers make me so happy!

More KFC stories ect coming soon! And by the way, nice community! It's nice to have someplace to get nice vibes from the customers...since not all of them are evil on all counts

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1:35 am
this lady came up to my cart a few days after i started my job and purchased a three dollar bag of cotton candy. most people get pretty surly when i tell them that a bag of smushy sugar costs that much. instead, she looked at my nametag and cheerfully said "thank you amanda"

i love it when people address me by my name. i only wish they all had to wear nametags too so i could greet every guest (read:customer, i work at disneyland) by their name. but i love it more when they stay and talk to me, especially on slow days or right before closing when there's no line. she started talking to me about her sister from new york who's name is also amanda. she said i had a great attitude and we got chatting about not taking life for granted and such. she was really impressed with me for some reason and tried to slip me a fiver as a tip. now we're not allowed to accept tips, and i told her. she looked sincerely disappointed, so i told her i was flattered anyway. then she gave me a hug. it was awsome. she's my favorite customer ever.
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
10:20 pm
Initial Post
Hi there. Just to get things started, here is a great customer story from my days at McDonald's.

Some of our regulars were not very nice; senior citizens with nothing better to do than to harass employees. Now, most of the senior citizens were nice, and the few who weren't comprised of most of the "regular" customers. There was one old woman, however, whom every employee, even the cranky ones, adored. She was soft-spoken and always had a twinkle in her eye. She asked how we were and listened when we answered, and was very patient with new employees.

She had severe dietary restrictions, so her order on Saturdays through Thursdays were always the same: hamburger, plain with no salt but extra onions, a small order of fries with no salt, and a senior citizen coffee. On Fridays she had fish with no salt or cheese, extra tartar sauce. Employees used to keep a lookout for her, and whoever saw her car first would yell back her order. Quite often by the time she got to the counter her order was ready, although Fridays sometimes got us.

She always paid in exact change or had her money ready. When the prices went up and she had exact change we always covered it. She was just a genuinely nice person, and having her come to your register might be the high point of your day. And if we were having a bad day, she would just smile contagiously until we had to smile back. If even half of our customers had been like her we probably all would have been smiling and singing while we worked just like the people in the commercials who seem to have ingested happy weed.
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