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Why do you even come here?

This starts off as a customer_sucks story, but ends on a much more positive note.

First off, I work at a video game retailer. We get lots of people through who've bought consoles which, for whatever reason, no longer function. PS2s and Xboxes are incredibly troublesome, for example. I know this because:

1) I own these machines. I've gone through 7 Xboxes myself, and have seen many Xboxes and PS2s through the store by our extended warranty programs.

2) I also happen to keep up on video game news, including information on failure rates.

Anyways, this one guy comes back angry and demands I return a game. I check through his receipts; he originally bought a used Baldur's Gate for the XBox, and has swapped in twice for new ones. It still doesn't work. His argument as to why I should refund it is that the new one we swapped for him was secretly another used one, and that we're in the business of screwing customers.

I gently calm him, and ask him about how it's misbehaving in his machine. I ask him about where he got his Xbox, and try to determine its age ("it has a large controller?"). He has a very old Xbox, and it's started to go, "This is not a valid disc" not just with BG: DA, but also with some rental games. Obviously he has an Xbox with a defective DVD ROM drive. I mention that he should contact Microsoft about it (he won't even tell me where he bought it, leading me to suspect it was stolen -- why else would he want to hide that information?).

The implication that his Xbox might be defective sets him off again. He starts telling me that I don't know anything about video games.

Then the guy in line behind him starts to talk. He's also an Xbox owner, and he's also had dirty-disc problems. He didn't buy an extended warranty on it (because they got it on the GameCube, and naturally never had to use it), so he's learned to live with not playing certain games. I refund the angry guy to get him out of the store, and the friendly fellow says that I shouldn't worry about it if he wasn't willing to listen to reason.

This guy was nice enough to try to talk a shitty customer down, and nice enough to tell me not to sweat the crap customer. This is not the amount of sensitivity you normally get; truly a great customer experience.
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