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Great Customer Story

I work in the home electronic's department at Shop-Ko & we sell printers & such. I'm not an expert on them but I do know enough & when customers have questions as to the quality or features of each different printer I go with what's printed on the box or by what I know personally about the product.

Well tonight a couple came in and needed a printer for some very basic features. I proceeded to explain the differences between 2 HP printers. I read the different DPI ratings, & how many pages each could print in a minute & the system requirements of each & so on. They finally decided on one & after the man put it in his cart he turned to me & I asked him the standard "Is there anything else I can help you find or anything else you need?" He tells me that he thinks they are set & proceeds to shake my hand heartily & say "thanks for all your help (insert my name here)" That alone made my night. He not only shook my hand and acknowledged that I was a help but he called me by my name. Granted it was on my name tag but it was still nice. About 15 minutes later I was up at the front registers talking with the cashiers & one of them was like "oh yea there was a couple that came through that told me to tell you how good you were at helping them."

So not only did I get a handshake & a genuine thank you but praise to my other co-workers. I'm on top of the world. I didn't realize I was that good at my job.

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