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Initial Post

Hi there. Just to get things started, here is a great customer story from my days at McDonald's.

Some of our regulars were not very nice; senior citizens with nothing better to do than to harass employees. Now, most of the senior citizens were nice, and the few who weren't comprised of most of the "regular" customers. There was one old woman, however, whom every employee, even the cranky ones, adored. She was soft-spoken and always had a twinkle in her eye. She asked how we were and listened when we answered, and was very patient with new employees.

She had severe dietary restrictions, so her order on Saturdays through Thursdays were always the same: hamburger, plain with no salt but extra onions, a small order of fries with no salt, and a senior citizen coffee. On Fridays she had fish with no salt or cheese, extra tartar sauce. Employees used to keep a lookout for her, and whoever saw her car first would yell back her order. Quite often by the time she got to the counter her order was ready, although Fridays sometimes got us.

She always paid in exact change or had her money ready. When the prices went up and she had exact change we always covered it. She was just a genuinely nice person, and having her come to your register might be the high point of your day. And if we were having a bad day, she would just smile contagiously until we had to smile back. If even half of our customers had been like her we probably all would have been smiling and singing while we worked just like the people in the commercials who seem to have ingested happy weed.
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