erture (erture) wrote in great_customers,

I keep my faith in humanity because of this one...

I work at Subway. I like most of our customers, but of all the good customers I've ever had, this woman just wins.

So she comes up to the counter and gives me a nice big smile for my canned greeting. She tells me what she wants, and it's fairly typical: a footlong steak, a footlong chicken, and a 6 in club. I ask her, like we're supposed to, if she'd like the hot subs toasted. She thanks me profusely and says yes. I'm a little confused by her happiness over the option of toasting, but I keep on. She also thanks me very happily for asking if she wanted cheese. This wonderful attitude and general politeness had me practically glowing by the end of her order, and let me tell you she got plenty of extra veggies. After I rang her up, she passed me a dollar. (This is huge, considering we don't normallytake tips and her order was 12 bucks with coupon.) I said, "Thank you, you really don't have to do that," and she responded, "Oh, no. Thank YOU for all your hard work." It made my day. If everyone treated others with that much politeness, generosity, and goodwill, the world would be a much better place.
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