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Alright, this was a bit ago.

I worked at KFC... and it was a slow sunday. This lady comes in with a bunch of little kids (like toddlers) and gets mostly buiscuts and mac&cheese. Fine, we serve her up and she eats in. She took up almost 6 booths with her and the kids.

Long story short...the kids TRASH the lobby...as little kids always do when they eat. I sigh, knowing I'd get to stay late to scrub it up. The lady comes up to the counter and asks for a broom and mop. I blink and told her it was alright, I was being paid for a reason. She was very polite, but insisted she had to clean it up. My manager gave me the go ahead and I gave her the stuff she asked for. Not only did she clean up the floors and table...but she washed the huge windows where the kids had put their grubby little hands had gotten. The lobby was PERFECT, not a crumb anywhere. She brought the stuff back and thanked me...and left. I go out to change the trash and there's a little envelope on the table she had been at with my name on it. I open it and inside was 20 bucks and a note saying 'thanks for the service'. I was shocked, nice mothers make me so happy!

More KFC stories ect coming soon! And by the way, nice community! It's nice to have someplace to get nice vibes from the customers...since not all of them are evil on all counts
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