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They make it all worthwhile

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Special thanks to cjdoyle and his toy at Reasonably Clever for the default community icon. I tried to make the character as androgynous and universal as possible. Its name is Chris.

There are many types of customers, perhaps as many types as there are customers. However, probably 90% of the customers tend to blend into one another. Some may be more pleasant than others and some more sour, but unless they are frequent callers, they are just one of many who will interact with an employee in any given day.

Of the remaining 10%, half are evil customers from hell and the other half are gifts from the heavens. The former are cast into the customers_suck community, while this one is intended to enshrine the customers who keep all of the employees from quitting and, as the nurse in The Man Who Came to Dinner puts it, going into the nuclear bomb industry because humanity no longer deserves to exist.

Currently, the rules are fairly loose. No trolling, please put profanity and long entries behind cut tags, and play nice. As a rule please don't put stories which belong in customers_suck in here unless the thing your good customer did was in response to the sucky customer (eg: This customer called me a lying swindler, and the one behind her said "No, you only gave her a ten, not a one hundred"). When that happens, please crosspost it to customers_suck so the folks there get to see the good as well as the bad. Perhaps if you post a story here, post a link to it along with any rants posted to the other community. That's about all for now, though these will probably be fleshed out as things occur.